Born in Madrid. Learned to speak Shakespeare’s languaje. Played Rambo game in a Comodore64 computer and fought against Space Invaders aliens. I saw how an editing projector works, had an Arri camera in my hands, and played with rolls of films and celluloid. Wanted to fly the Millenium Falcon, play chess with Josua and live in the Goon Docks. Founded a Fan Club. Went to Complutense University. Made a short film and won an award with it. Dreamed that I had found the Grial along with Indiana Jones and lived some nights filming in a forrest with Werewolf Paul Naschy. I worked as a teacher and as a journalist. Learned what it was like to edit with A-B Roll and used U-Matic video tapes. I was part of the raising of a Tv channel. Worked on the top floor of the Real Madrid dressing room and met Hugo Sánchez, David Beckam and Zinedine Zidane. Wanted to visit the cinematograph with Prince Vlad, change my star with 13 silver coins, travell in the Black Pearl and discover new worlds in the Trardis with the Doctor. Founded a bussines. Interviewed Vile Valo in Lisbon, enjoied Muse in Santiago de Compostela, saw The Police in Madrid and learned why Springsteen is a legend at Bernabéu Satadium… Bought a house. Lived during 3 months in the Pirate Morgans’ Island. Wandered in Prague, was amazed in Berlin, had fun in Paris and felt like home in London. Visited the Wild West with the guys of Track Dogs, threw a Boomerang at The Barenaked Ladies and met The Constant Quene with The Madrid Players.

Along the way I met wonderful people and made a bunch of videos, hundreds of photos; some web sites, posters, flyers.

Currently based in Madrid. Eager to travel the world… my story is still being written..